The Breakup Doctor Review

What is Breakup Doctor?

The Breakup Doctor is an online guide that has been penned by Kevin Kurgansky, a leading expert in the domain of human relationships. There are several different factors which lead people to breakups, and this e-book addresses each one of them in good detail, with the hope that they can restore their relationships back to the state of happiness once again. Kevin himself underwent painful breakup and is completely aware of how it feels like to be depressed when you just can’t move on. He knows how overwhelming can such a loss be and what kind of shattering effect it can have on an individual’s dreams.

Achieving fulfilment in relationships requires complete commitment to all that needs to be done in order to make a partnership work. Apart from that it also encompasses knowledge of every single element which can make or break the deal of love. The Breakup Doctor guide enlightens the readers about the specific steps which can help them heal and move ahead in life when things don’t work out as per their expectations. Kevin Kurgansky is also available for personal coaching to anyone who’s interested.

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More details on the Breakup Doctor guide

The Breakup Doctor comprises of several different plans that can help people move on in their lives depending on their unique situation. You can select the plan based on your specific needs and the present state of mind. Whichever plan you select, Kevin does his best to make sure that you are able to move ahead from where you are right now. He makes clear the fact that the onus of maintaining your happiness levels is on yourself alone and on no one else. The Breakup Doctor guide is available in the following different plans:

The Breakup Cure Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is ideal for people who just need access to the Breakup Doctor PDF guide. They can take a printout of this guide and go through its content at their own convenience, highlighting the main points as they read through. Subscribing to this plan also gives you comprehensive access to the Breakup Doctor’s online community where you can learn from others’ experiences and even ask questions about your own circumstances.

The Breakup Cure Gold Plan

The Breakup Doctor Gold Plan goes a step ahead of the Silver Plan and provides an audio copy of all the content too. It works best for people who like to listen to audiobooks while being on the move.

The Breakup Cure Platinum Plan

The breakup cure Platinum plan is the topmost plan of the three and comprises of the PDF guide, the audiobook as well as the video instructions, apart from several bonuses. These bonuses are in the form of additional e-books that can help you completely erase your ex’s memory from your mind, for instance the Live Relationship Clarity Coaching Call and several more.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Each one of the plans detailed above comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee lasting for 60 days. Hence, if you feel dissatisfied with the guide at any point of time and wish to return it, you can do so within 60 days of your purchase. As you never receive any physical product, there is no need for you to mail anything back.

Breakup Doctor Pros black

There are several advantages of investing in the Breakup Doctor as follows:

– First and foremost, you get the flexibility of selecting a plan that suits your specific needs.

– You can speak to Kevin Kurgansky any time you need using the convenient means detailed on the official website of Breakup Doctor. Kevin is available on Skype too and hence is reachable for overseas buyers of Breakup Doctor as well.

– The author has already worked with thousands of people facing all sorts of breakup related circumstances, right from the simplest to the most complex ones. As a result he has gained a good perspective on breakups that proves quite helpful in all types of breakup situations.

– Unlike other multi-disciplined life coaches, Kevin specializes in the breakup domain. As a result, he knows every slight bit of detail related to breakups. He completely understands the pain involved and how complex things can get when your former lover is also your partner in a professional environment, or has to raise children with you or continues to study together with you. It can become quite difficult for you to handle the situation in the absence of such guide.

– The methods provided by Kevin work in all situations. So whether you were in a relationship with someone at your workplace, and are now forced to continue working together despite having broken up, or have a joint business with him/her, Kevin can provide you with unique strategies that’ll work very well for you.

– As Kevin himself has faced the hurt involved in a painful breakup, he can completely empathizes with people who have to go through the same feeling. Hence, you’ll be learning from a person who has actually benefited by using the strategies he is teaching.

– As the basic nature of people is same in all parts of the world, Breakup Doctor works equally well regardless of where you come from. Kevin is based out of Chicago Illinois. If you’re located in a different country or time zone, you can easily schedule an appointment, and speak to him whenever it’s convenient for you.

– Although the Breakup Doctor is targeted at people who have lost someone they loved, it can also work well for people who feel they might lose their loved one any time soon.

– Kevin Kurgansky is a certified coach from the Life Coach Institute.

– There are several people in all parts of the world who have used the information provided by the Breakup Doctor and have emerged happy from the most depressing situations.

– The program suits people with all sorts of budget, and every method taught in it is scientifically proven.

The Breakup Doctor Cons

There are hardly any negatives of this guide. The only one that comes to mind is that it’s not a quick fix program. You will have to expend some energy to go through the program and apply all its learnings in your daily life. Hence, if you don’t feel motivated enough to do that, seek someone who can constantly push you to do it.

Where to buy Breakup Doctor and how much does it cost?

Please make sure that you buy Breakup Doctor only from its official website. This way you can benefit from its money back guarantee and ensure that you get the complete version of the product.

Following are the prices of its different plans:

The Silver Plan (The Breakup Cure e-book) – $ 47

The Gold Plan (The Breakup Cure Audio Program) – $ 67

The Platinum plan (The Breakup Cure Video Program with all the audios, e-books and bonuses) – $ 67 (slashed down from $ 97 for a limited time) Click Here.

The Breakup Doctor Review Conclusion

On the whole, Breakup Doctor may work very well for anyone who’s already going through a breakup, has gone through a breakup or feels that it is just round the corner. Although it was developed primarily keeping in mind people who have broken up with their still alive partners, it can be helpful even in cases where someone has lost his/her loved one to death.